The Papacy In Action


Lets begin by asking who is or what is the Papacy and where did the Roman Catholic church come from? It has its roots in the Bible and it is here where we will focus our observations.

The Roman Catholic Church claims that Peter, the disciple of Christ, is the first Pope, but no where is this to be found in the scriptures. So, we will look at the development of the Catholic Church from what scriptures tell us.

First of all, the Jewish church fell into unrecoverable apostasy by their rejection of messages from heaven. They ultimately crucified Christ and climaxed their favorable position of the people of GOD by the stoning of Stephen.

Jesus foretold their destruction by the hands of the Romans which took place in AD 70 and from that time the Jews have been wanderers all over the world. Before that time came, they followed Paul and Peter and other disciples trying to counteract their work. Those who did this work where call “Judaizers”. These “Judaizers” are the ones we want to focus upon.

In the book of Acts chapter 15 we see them causing problems in the early church. In this reference they are saying that the Gentiles need to be circumcised. In Galatians chapter 3 the “Judaizers” we read that they had gotten to these Gentiles and changed their views of Christ.

In Acts chapter 20, Paul warned the elders in the church of Ephesus of deceiving the people. In 1st and 2nd Thessalonians Paul warns these Gentiles of the coming “Man of Sin”. The “Man of Sin”, the Pope was foretold by Daniel in chapter 7 and he is called “The Little Horn” power.

A careful look at Daniel chapter 7 gives us the picture of the ruling powers from the time of Daniel to the end of the world and they are represented by beast of prey. The first is a “lion” which represents “Babylon”. The second is a “bear” which represents “Medo-Persia”. The third is a “leopard” which represents “Greece”. The fourth and last beast is “The Great Red Dragon”, of Revelation 12:17. The fourth beast is the Roman Empire. It is the empire that Jesus was born under and the disciples lived and died under.

When the Jewish church apostatized from the faith, they were replaced by the 12 disciples who raised up churches all over the world. In one generation the known world, at that time, had heard the gospel from them. Their main opponents were the “Judaizers”. The church is represented as “clay” and as “lamb-like”, meaning “Christ-like” or “Christian”, Jeremiah 18 and Daniel chapter 2.

In Daniel chapter 2 a vision is given of a “metallic man” describing also the four above nations. There is the “Head of Gold” which represents “Babylon”. The arms and breast of silver represents the “Medes and Persians”. The belly and thighs of brass represents “Greece”. The legs of Iron represents the “Roman Empire”. Following this picture, we see that the iron and the clay becomes mixed. This mixture is the combination of “pagan politics” with Christianity or the Church. This mixture is forbidden by the Word of GOD and Christ Himself who stayed aloof from participating in politics. Politics is of the world and of the kingdoms of the world, but the church is of GOD and is not of the world. It represents the Kingdom of GOD. In this chapter of Daniel, the politics and the church are destroyed together and the Kingdom of Christ is all that’s left.

The Papacy came into power during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire, before falling completely, gave its power (Revelation 13:1-10) to the apostate early church who had taken over the reins of the church after the death of the apostles and the true believers were persecuted relentlessly by those in leadership just as Paul had prophesied in Acts 20.

By the year 538 AD the Papacy had fully established itself and began the period called in history the “Dark Ages”. It lasted until 1798 AD. Millions where martyred or slain by dissenting from her doctrines which were actually derived from the four nations that preceded her which were pagan.

Another nation was arising on the scene in the 1700’s AD. It is none other than the “United States of America”. America was founded by Protestants who were fleeing Catholic Europe and the Protestant church of England who had also become a persecuting power and punished its dissenters.

When the settlers came to these shores they purposed to establish a government without a king and a church without a Pope. They made laws that were taken from the Bible and formed their government. Many Catholics also came to this nation in its infancy. These mostly were missionaries and teachers who planted the roots of Catholicism in America. Today their schools and colleges are highly patronized by Protestants. Also, in the government there are elected officials who are loyal and devoted Catholic’s.

In the Catholic church there is an order called “Jesuits”. They are a secret order whose purpose is to counter the Protestant efforts. They infiltrate organizations and churches to achieve their goals. Some are congressmen, governors, and political leaders. It used to be that they were banned from many nations but never from America because of her Christian heritage. And, so now they are powerfully entrenched in all of American life to the point that the Word of GOD is being fulfilled in Revelation 13:11-18 teaching us the final outcome of this Catholic/Protestant relationship.

America is a government of laws and there are three branches that go to make up these laws. They are “The Executive”, “The Legislative”, and “The Judicial”. When a law is passed and accepted, it gets a number and then goes to the President to be signed into law.

The Constitution defines and limits the work of the government but history has shown that when the church influences the government to make laws regarding religious worship, it has overstepped its limits and persecution becomes inevitable again as it was during the “Dark Ages”.

The action of law is the speaking of the government. In Revelation 13:11-18 America is said to speak as a “Dragon” which is “Paganism” and the Dragon represents the “Pagan Roman Empire” which was, is not, and yet is, Rev. 17.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this current elected Pope, who is a “Jesuit priest”, is going to relate to America. The prophecy says that America will make an image to the beast that was before her, which is the “Roman Catholic Church”.

We need to be looking closely at laws enforcing religious observances especially regarding “Sunday” worship because Sunday observance is the mark of her authority. When this takes place, our prayer should be as David’s was, “Lord it is time for thee to work for they have made void thy law”. A manmade religion will not be accepted by GOD for it violates every commandment in his law. We must follow the Lamb where ever He goes, in spirit and in truth.


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