IRS SCANDAL, Benghazi and Suppression of the Press


The eagle is speaking with clipped talons.  Three scandals are coming out of the current administration of Barack Obama.  Where they will end we do not know but, we do know that America’s wardrobe will change after all that’s said and done.

It appears as though our leadership has not grown up.  When children are caught doing something they should not have done, they usually all say, “I didn’t do it!”  Currently our leaders are all saying this from the President and Attorney General to all involved.  No one is taking the blame for any mistakes or sins that have been committed.  Children lie to escape the punishment of the authority(s) and may escape for the moment, but eventually all will come to light.

The Benghazi episode appears to have injured the chances of Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House.  But, who knows and the News Media networks are generally on the side of “liberals.”  Now, they have turned on the administration because they have come under the attack of the administration.

Before these scandals, the news was gay marriage, pro-abortion rights, the economy, etc.  Now, we are watching to see how the fires burn out for the administration.

We must not forget that America is prophesied of in Revelation 13:11-18.  Thought its claws are clipped, she still has its power in other ways.  Though the IRS is under scrutiny, it is still the IRS.  Thought the Presidency is scarred, it is still the Presidency and so on for Congress and the other agencies of the government.  Laws are going to be passed and acted upon and people will feel the strain of life trying to adjust to “new norms.”

The bright side of it all is the fact that God is judging the actions  of men and nations and He will have the final word.  Christians especially, are to cheer up because they know that the end of all things is at hand.  God is working out the counsels of His will.  When the climax comes, it will be seen who has been in charge.  All will have to give an account for the things they have done.  There will be no children saying, “I didn’t do it!”


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