Wednesday, June 26, 2013, The Supreme Court of America ruled 5-4 in favor of homosexual marriage.  This was an unprecedented move by the court which overruled DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which was passed by Congress and signed by Pres. Bill Clinton.
What some of the problems are related to this decision cannot be calculated at the present time but, there certainly will be countless lawsuits.
America has been tagged as a “Christian Nation” for years and now it appears that the Christians are on the defensive.  What will ultimately be their fate?  How far will the federal government go to institute this radical change?  Will Christians have to accept homosexuals into their fellowship?  Will they have to expunge the Bible verses that forbids this type of relationship?  Will Christian pastors have to accept homosexual marriages, etc.?
These and countless other questions will have to be addressed.  Many Christians are concerned that the days of Sodom and Gomorrah have come upon the nation and the wrath of God is sure to follow.
Issues over this decision will have to be faced in the schools, business, churches and every aspect of society.  There will be penalities and imprisonment.  The Bible will be the banned book of the nation from the highest office to the local government.
With the decision of the Supreme Court and the President of the United States supporting it, the media has come completely out of the closet.  The onesided biasness has reverberated to its height.  Anyone who disfavors the decision, such as Supreme Court Justice Scilea, will be attacked from every angle.
Truly, the appearance of the Supreme Court’s act has converted America to the state of Sodom.
There once was a decision made in the legislature of France years ago that had a similiar tone.  Following is a portion of that history.
“The atheistical power that ruled in France during the Revolution and the Reign of Terror, did wage such a war against God and His holy word as the world had never witnessed. The worship of the Deity was abolished by the National Assembly. Bibles were collected and publicly burned with every possible manifestation of scorn. The law of God was trampled underfoot. The institutions of the Bible were abolished. The weekly rest day was set aside, and in its stead every tenth day was devoted to reveling and blasphemy. Baptism and the Communion were prohibited. And announcements posted conspicuously over the burial places declared death to be an eternal sleep.  {GC 273.2}
The fear of God was said to be so far from the beginning of wisdom that it was the beginning of folly. All religious worship was prohibited, except that of liberty and the country. The “constitutional bishop of Paris was brought forward to play the principal part in the most impudent and scandalous farce ever acted in the face of a national representation. . . . He was brought forward in full procession, to declare to the Convention that the religion which he had taught so many years was, in every respect, a piece of priestcraft, which had no foundation either in history or sacred truth. He disowned, in solemn and explicit terms, the existence of the Deity to whose worship he had been consecrated, and devoted himself in future to the homage of liberty, equality, virtue, and morality. He then laid on the table his episcopal decorations, and received a fraternal embrace from the president of the Convention. Several apostate priests followed the example of this prelate.”–Scott, vol. 1, ch. 17.
“And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.” Infidel France had silenced the reproving voice of God’s two witnesses. The word of truth lay dead in her streets, and those who hated the restrictions and requirements of God’s law were jubilant. Men publicly defied the King of heaven. Like the sinners of old, they cried: “How doth God know? and is there knowledge in the Most High?” Psalm 73:11.
With blasphemous boldness almost beyond belief, one of the priests of the new order said: “God, if You exist, avenge Your injured name. I bid You defiance! You remain silent; You dare not launch Your thunders. Who after this will believe in Your existence?”–Lacretelle, History, vol. 11, p. 309; in Sir Archibald Alison, History of Europe, vol. 1, ch. 10. What an echo is this of the Pharaoh’s demand: “Who is Jehovah, that I should obey His voice?” “I know not Jehovah!”
“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 14:1. And the Lord declares concerning the perverters of the truth: “Their folly shall be manifest unto all.” 2 Timothy 3:9. After France had renounced the worship of the living God, “the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity,” it was only a little time till she descended to degrading idolatry, by the worship of the Goddess of Reason, in the person of a profligate woman. And this in the representative assembly of the nation, and by its highest civil and legislative authorities! Says the historian: “One of the ceremonies of this insane time stands unrivaled for absurdity combined with impiety. The doors of the Convention were thrown open to a band of musicians, preceded by whom, the members of the municipal body entered in solemn procession, singing a hymn in praise of liberty, and escorting, as the object of their future worship, a veiled female, whom they termed the Goddess of Reason. Being brought within the bar, she was unveiled with great form, and placed on the right of the president, when she was generally recognized as a dancing girl of the opera. . . . To this person, as the fittest representative of that reason whom they worshiped, the National Convention of France rendered public homage.
“This impious and ridiculous mummery had a certain fashion; and the installation of the Goddess of Reason was renewed and imitated throughout the nation, in such places where the inhabitants desired to show themselves equal to all the heights of the Revolution.”–Scott, vol. 1, ch. 17.
Said the orator who introduced the worship of Reason: “Legislators! Fanaticism has given way to reason. Its bleared eyes could not endure the brilliancy of the light. This day an immense concourse has assembled beneath those gothic vaults, which, for the first time, re-echoed the truth. There the French have celebrated the only true worship,–that of Liberty, that of Reason. There we have formed wishes for the prosperity of the arms of the Republic. There we have abandoned inanimate idols for Reason, for that animated image, the masterpiece of nature.”–M. A. Thiers, History of the French Revolution, vol. 2, pp. 370, 371.
When the goddess was brought into the Convention, the orator took her by the hand, and turning to the assembly said: “Mortals, cease to tremble before the powerless thunders of a God whom your fears have created. Henceforth acknowledge no divinity but Reason. I offer you its noblest and purest image; if you must have idols, sacrifice only to such as this. . . . Fall before the august Senate of Freedom, oh! Veil of Reason!”
“The goddess, after being embraced by the president, was mounted on a magnificent car, and conducted, amid an immense crowd, to the cathedral of Notre Dame, to take the place of the Deity. There she was elevated on the high altar, and received the adoration of all present.”–Alison, vol. 1, ch. 10.
This was followed, not long afterward, by the public burning of the Bible. On one occasion “the Popular Society of the Museum” entered the hall of the municipality, exclaiming, “Vive la Raison!” and carrying on the top of a pole the half-burned remains of several books, among others breviaries, missals, and the Old and New Testaments, which “expiated in a great fire,” said the president, “all the fooleries which they have made the human race commit.”–Journal of Paris, 1793, No. 318. Quoted in Buchez-Roux, Collection of Parliamentary History, vol. 30, pp. 200, 201.”
This was taken from the book “THE GREAT CONTROVERSY, pages 273-276.  If you would like a copy of this great book, send a minimum  donation of $10 to cover all expenses to the address on the back of this booklet.
Indeed, no one knows to what lengths this decision will take the nation, but, one thing we can be sure of if history is a mirror of our future, God will not sit back and allow all that is going contrary to His Word to continue.  In the past, He has always shown Himself to be in control of nations as well as individuals and He calls for everyone who loves Him to evence their loyalty by humbly obeying Him in spite of the circumstances that surround them.  He has always had a people who loved Him supremely and when the laws of the land conflict with His laws, they choose Him unanimously.  Will the Supreme Court decision change your decision to obey God?


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