Radio Broadcast


This radio show presents a great decline from a higher civilized culture to one that’s turning towards a complete departure from the Creator.

Episode 1 – Zero to 10    Episode 5 – Zero to 10

Episode 2 – Zero to 10    Episode 6 – Gay America

Episode 3 – Zero to 10

Episode 4 – Zero to 10

Apparition to 10 are the critical years in a person’s life.  It is here where its foundation is laid for living a productive and efficient life.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but the exceptions should not become the rule.  Many will argue against this information but, if they will carefully consider the source it comes from, they might reconsider their position.  No one is more qualified than the Creator to explain this most serious subject and it is to Him that this information is taken from.  May it be a source of comfort and relief to some who may see hope for their loved ones and answers to the problems we are all facing as we see society fall apart before our eyes.


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